The day started like any other....  But then, just as you were enjoying a walk in the woods, your sister was kidnapped by alien robots from space!   

You were lucky - you could have been taken as well but you managed to escape.  ...But what of your sister?  Can you save her from these monsters - or will you die trying?  If you're brave enough then you will have to negotiate a series of challenging physics based puzzles in a world of traps and monsters.... 


Welcome to the darker reaches of my imagination. This game has been in development for a year and it's finally ready for release. There are seven large levels of puzzles for you to conquer. On your journey you will encounter.... Ah, heck, why should I tell you what will happen? You'll be confronted by puzzles and monsters! And you'll get to drive a high-performance truck and shoot a mini-gun!  

Umbra is a 2d physics platformer. If your hardware has less than 1Gb of video memory then you're probably screwed (so go buy a new computer!). Otherwise you can play using keyboard/mouse or Xbox360 controller. Steam Achievements will be supported, so you can share your intellectual and hand/eye coordination prowess with your friends. I hope to release this on Linux and OSX as well, but don't hold your breath - PC is my main focus.